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Helping Doctors
succeed in business.


We recognize the tremendous effort required to be a doting doctor and dentist, and at the same time, a successful entrepreneur. We are here to help.

Innovative Practice (IP) Management Solutions is a business consulting firm that helps dental and medical professionals start, build and sustain a successful practice. Whether you are a new or seasoned doctor, we will evaluate your practice and provide you with effective solutions to increase profits, sharpen your leadership skills and grow.

A practice is a business.

It all starts with this premise.

Who is our ideal client?

Our ideal client is a medical doctor or dentist who understands that providing excellent care to patients is just one aspect of succeeding in the healthcare business. Creating a solid business foundation is imperative. Therefore, they agree that expert advice brings faster results and is much more affordable than trial and error.

Why choose us?

Our clients choose us because our winning consulting strategy works.

IP Management Solutions is different from anyone out there. We do not rely exclusively on financial reports or use complicated terminology and formulas. For us, it is all about streamlining processes and developing a successful growth strategy.

We agree change is not easy, but we make it simple and practical for you. Work with us and experience a successful turnaround in your practice.

We have over 10 years of
experience providing expert
business advice to healthcare
As business improves, you will better focus on what you care about the most: your patients.
We all want you to succeed!
As a source of employment, your financial success will not only
benefit you and your family, but the community in general.

We believe in you.

At IP Management Solutions we believe you can maximize the potential of your practice. We know you can become a more successful business owner, besides being the caring, engaging and talented doctor you already are.

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