As president and CEO, Yamile has successfully applied her extensive knowledge and broad expertise in the healthcare industry to help many practices grow.

Yamile obtained an MBA from Universidad Autonoma del Caribe in her native Colombia. Over the years, she worked for numerous medical and dental practices. She noticed that many doctors were too busy doing their important job to pay close attention to the business/managerial aspect of their practice. In other words, they would work in the business, but not on the business.

This typical situation brings discontent and burn out to doctors, low morale to staff and poor customer service to patients.

Identifying a real need, this bilingual professional decided to combine her coaching experience, extensive industry experience and business training to create a new way of consulting for healthcare professionals that is practical, effective and easy to implement.

Most doctors think they could be doing better. And they should.

Let’s work together to meet your financial goals.

Yamile Ramirez
President & CEO

Creating awareness that independent doctors are also entrepreneurs, who need help and deserve the opportunity to thrive in business, has been a passion of Yamile’s.

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